Thanks to the efforts (?) of various RSVP apps and bullshit SXSW listings sites, over 3000 people have signed up to attend the above event. The venue’s legal capacity is roughly 1/15th of that amount, so it’s somewhat comforting that many of the persons who’ve signed up are either totally full of shit or are under the mistaken impression we’ll be handing out free brains at the door. In any event, for the handful of you who actually plan on showing up, set times are below (and are very much subject to change) :

12:50pm – The Gotobeds

1:30 – Empty Markets ( patio)
2:00 – Unholy Two

2:40 – The Secret Prostitutes
3:20 – Protomartyr
4:00 – Obnox
4:40 – Tyvek
5:20 – Rusted Shut

Spray Paint will be on the Beerland patio at 6pm.