Much as I’d love to sneer at yet another regurgitated Phil Mushnick column —- guess who’s upset about late night World Series games? — the New York Post’s bearded conscience of all things sports media has on this rare occasion, scooped yours truly and I’m genuinely embarrassed.

Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr’s name has been dropped on CSTB a handful of times, but did I ever take the time to notice his running mate was none other than a one-time fixture on the crap sports radio / program-length paid announcement circuit?  Luckily, Phil was on the case :

When we enter voting booths Tuesday, we’ll see notorious TV time-buy scamdicapper Wayne Root’s name on the ballot as a legitimate candidate for Vice President of the United States (Libertarian Party).

Root has the endorsement of the NBRO (National Boiler Room Operators).