Somebody, please, get Murray Chass hooked up with Yardbarker’s advertising network, STAT.  The recently bought-out NY Times baseball columnist has launched a new blog, creatively titled “Murray Chass…On Baseball”. If you think that’s not nearly as cool a title as “Seth Mnookin…Can Blow Me”, well, that’s because Murray has pledged in an introductory post, to keep it clean (motherfucker).

Murray Chass, who created this site, will do the column writing but will invite others to join him, the others being long-time columnists for daily newspapers who no longer work for newspapers. If you have a favorite columnist who is no longer actively writing and would like to be able to read his work again, please send a note and he or she will be invited to join the site.E-mail comments are also invited, but visitors to the site are asked to omit the obscenities.

œI have spent my professional life in the print world, where obscenities don™t see the light of day, Chass said. œThey will remain in the dark here as well. It will be a good test for bloggers and Red Sox fans to see if they can control themselves.

In addition, Chass noted that some of his grandchildren will likely visit the site, and they hear enough profanity in school without needing to read it here.

As it so happens, I DO have a fave columnist who is no longer employed by a daily paper, and I’m dying to read him again.  If Murray would like to borrow my ouija board in order to contact Dick Young, I’ll leave it on the front porch.

(UPDATE : At least one of Murray’s new colleagues believes this is all a big gag.)