(presumably not the same Versace Gold Barbie as the one mentioned below.  But I can’t really say for certain)

The Seattle Times’ Mike Carter reports Maria Jacqueline Peguero, wife of Mariners OF Carlos Peguergo is charged in U.S. District Court in Tacoma with three counts of wire fraud. Specifically, Ms. Peguero is accused of using a debit card belonging to Sandra Hernandez, spouse of M’s pitcher Felix Hernandez, while making online purchases totaling more than $180,000.

The charges, filed by U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Ashleigh Audley, allege that Saks Fifth Avenue in New York began to scrutinize a series of online purchases made with a Morgan Stanley debit card through an account belonging to a “Jackie Peguero” because the billing and shipping addresses were different.

According to the court documents, Maria Peguero “spent two or three days” at the Hernandezes’ Bellevue home in May 2012 while Felix Hernandez was away. The Mariners had a long away stretch in the middle of the month, playing in New York, Boston, Cleveland and Denver.

According to the complaint, Sandra Hernandez told investigators she and Peguero shopped online during that time. The complaint indicates that Hernandez asked Peguero for help “due to [Hernandez’s] limited understanding of the English language.” Hernandez told investigators that Peguero had access to her credit cards during that time.

According to the investigation, Maria Peguero is associated with an email address, versacegoldbarbie@yahoo.com, that was later traced to a Twitter account on which agents found photographs of Peguero wearing some of the items they believe were purchased illegally from Saks.

In one, Peguero is sitting next to a Gucci handbag identical to one purchased from Saks through the Hernandez account for $1,750.