I mean, I’d like to see some highlights from the hockey game at Wrigley.

If you didn’t watch the Rose Bowl, rest assured that USC could not have beat up Penn State more if it had been a 65-7 score. Mark Sanchez and the Trojans wideouts ripped the Nittany Lions secondary, so much so that Penn State’s penalties and USC’s quietly efficient defense hardly seemed to matter. With a 31-7 halftime lead, it was almost like the Trojans let the Lions move the ball because they could… and then immediately tacked on one last score to make it 38-14.

Of course Pete Carroll’s team might not get all of the credit it deserves, since they had to play a mere Big 10 team. But y’know, they have the longest win streak of the one-loss teams, and the Pac 10’s undefeated bowl performance surely helps. If nothing else, there ought to be a race for #2 (and some first place votes) in the AP poll, between the Trojans and UT (assuming that the Longhorns win).

And if you don’t want to talk about this game in the context of “we need a playoff” (or a plus-one game), it’s at least a shame the Rose tradition (and all of the BCS’s non-championship conference tie-ins) meant we couldn’t have a Texas-USC game, which might have made a separate AP #1 quite possible. I’m afraid Penn State could have contented itself with Cincinnati or Virginia Tech (though Penn State-Alabama could have been a ton of fun).

The only good thing about attending the game (besides being reminded that new episodes of television begin next week, above) was it was not especially frustrating. PSU committed penalties and made mistakes and got outplayed if not outworked – but USC’s superiority was so convincing there was really nothing to complain about. The safeties and linebackers, especially, just never had a chance in coverage. And Pete Carroll just might be the bowl game heir to Joe Paterno – give him four weeks off and there is almost no way he will get outcoached or outprepared. Tonight USC looked like they had the 1986 Penn State coaching staff with the 1986 Miami talent.