Grim stuff from the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola,

Isiah Thomas upgraded the roster and added a Hall of Fame coach to the bench, and somehow the Knicks are getting worse by the day.

And since Larry Brown isn’t going anywhere and doesn’t like the team he inherited, Thomas is committed to changing the players and, according to Brown, Thomas is asking for his input. Brown revealed that Thomas, the Knicks president, told him yesterday to come up with a shopping list of players he wants.

“I spoke to him today,” Brown said before the Knicks lost, 96-83, to the Nets at the Meadowlands. “He wanted me to write down what kind of make-up of our team we would like. What kind of guards, forwards, centers.

“I told him I evaluate it every day with my staff (and that) I would be happy to do that. We both want to see us win, and not in the short range either.”

Though I suppose there’s something to be said for the GM and head coach being on the same page (shame such overtures couldn’t have been back in say, October), what reason do we have to believe that Brown is any better an evaluator of talent than Zeke? Say what you will about Isiah’s zipper problems or business ethics, but at least he never drafted Tim Thomas ahead of Tracy McGrady.