The New York Islanders ‘James Wisniewski made “an unmistakable obscene gesture” towards Rangers antagonist Sean Avery during Monday’ss 6-4 Fish Sticks victory, writes the New York Daily News’ Jesse Spector. From this perspective, Wisniewski seems to be saying “ho, ho, ho”, and I think we can all agree it’s way too fucking early for Christmas gags.

“It’s pretty obvious what the guy was doing,” Avery said. “But I’m sure nothing will happen to him. … Nothing ever happens. It was pretty obvious what happened. You guys saw it, right? It’s interesting that you’d get a warning for something like that. Can you imagine if I did something like that? They sent me to rehab last time I did something. That’s crazy. That’s crazy.”

Asked about what Wisniewski did, Isles coach Scott Gordon replied, “We just played a 6-4 hockey game, and you don’t have a question about the hockey game? I think there’s more to the game than whatever you’re talking about. If you’ve got a question about the game, I’ll be more than happy to answer. Otherwise, we’re all done.”