He fought for Carol Alt's honor, a fight no man can win

The New York Islanders have bought out the remainder of Alexei Yashin’s ten-year, $87 million contract for the paltry sum of $17.6 million. Owner Charles Wang apparently no longer needed the Yashin deal as evidence that handing Rick DiPietro fifteen years and $67.5 million was nowhere near the dumbest move he’d helped author. Considering that the Isles traded behemoth defenseman  Zdeno Chara and newly drafted scoring stud Jason Spezza (now in the Cup finals with the Senators) for Yashin, perhaps hoping that he would average a point a game during some point in his Islanders career is not outrageous. Despite his scant ice time and lack of production during the the Isles’ first-round defeat to the Buffalo Sabres, Yashin leaves with his head high:

“The Islanders have treated me with the utmost respect,” Yashin said on the Islanders’ Web site. “I’ve always believed in the vision Charles Wang has for the organization and although I won’t be a part of it, I believe that the team is headed in the right direction. I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life.”

That chapter? Not giving a fuck somewhere else.