…but when you lose 1-0 to Morocco, that already impossible-to-justify no. 5 FIFA ranking  has the rest of the globe laughing.

Crystal Palace’s Clinton Morrison observed last week that Palace chairman Simon Jordan (above) “had a bit of a barney” with departed manager Iain Dowie. Jordan, always a lover of free expression (except when someone else is expressing it), replied thusly, as quoted by the BBC :

“Clinton needs to engage his brain before he opens his mouth.” “The problem is that he gets in front of a camera and forgets that he’s opened his mouth. But whether he is fined is between Clinton and myself.”

Jordan added: “He needs to learn when to speak and when to be quiet, and Clinton should not talk about people like Iain Dowie and myself.

“When he comes back from international duty with the Republic of Ireland, he will probably be given a kick up the backside.”