OK, that’s a slight exaggeration. But after Hideki Kuroda buzzed The Flyin’ Hawaiian in the top of the 3rd at Chavez Ravine (obvious retaliation for a number of purpose pitches aimed at L.A. teammates), “words were exchanged”, and the inevitable bench clearer was mostly notable for no fewer than a half dozen Dodger associates having to restrain their left fielder.

(even tougher when he’s not manhandling 67 year olds)

I’m a poor lip reader but if Ramirez had the prescence of mind to challenge Brett Myers to throw a punch at someone besides the latter’s wife, all of that running down to first base in 20 second is forgiven.  After jumping all over Jamie Moyer in a 6 run first inning, the Dodgers lead 7-1 in the last of the 5th. Kuroda has allowed no damage besides a Ryan Howard double and subsequent Pedro Feliz RBI single.  Not that I’d ever wish to see a probable Hall Of Famer hampered by injury, but Henry Winkler’s had more face time than Lt. Dangle.