From the Newark Star-Ledger’s Kevin Manahan.

Joumana Kidd planted tracking devices on her husband’s cars and computers, used their 8-year-old son, T.J., to smuggle her husband’s cell phone out of his locker during a home game and threatened to ruin him with phony domestic violence complaints, according to divorce papers filed yesterday by Nets star Jason Kidd.

In filing to end their 10-year marriage, Kidd said his wife has been guilty of “extreme cruelty,” which began immediately after their wedding and culminated with her taunting him from courtside at the Continental Airlines Arena last month.

In his six-page divorce complaint, the 33-year-old Kidd paints a picture of a wife who was convinced he was unfaithful and was determined to prove it. It states:

Joumana Kidd’s way of dealing with frustration is to hit, punch and kick her husband, “or throw nearby household objects” at him.

With her husband having a previous conviction for domestic violence when the couple was living in Phoenix, Joumana Kidd “is constantly threatening to call 911 and file fictitious domestic violence reports.” She has told her husband she has “complete control over him because she can easily make up incidents and file false reports.”

On Dec. 27, she sat in the first row of a Nets home game and shouted “personal insults” at him throughout the game. During that same game, he alleges, she had their son, T.J., snatch his father’s cell phone so she could investigate the names and numbers on it. He said she has called numbers on his cell phone and has demanded to know that person’s relationship to her husband.

She has sat on the hood of his car to prevent him from going to practice and has laid down in front of the vehicle to keep him from meeting professional obligations.

Not only did the unfazed Jason score 10 points with 14 assists and 8 rebounds in the Nets’ 101-86 defeat of the Raptors last night, but he’s told everyone the couch at Bob Ryan’s place really isn’t that uncomfortable.