I know, I know. People are up in arms over the above billboard, spotted recently in West Plains, MO. But let’s consider for a minute, the number of ways in which admirable restraint was shown :

1) no mention of Ludacris!
2) rather than provide a sickening, grotesque characture of Sen. Obama, the artist has instead chosen “Lucky” — Tom Petty’s beloved character from “King Of The Hill”, wearing a turban.
3) while McCain-approved messages have been unrelenting in theit blatant negativity, the anonymous person(s) responsible for the above sign have taken great care to credit Obama for his views on population control, belief in true love, trimming the federal deficit and maintaining public safety during oh-so-dangerous times.
4) No (direct) reference whatsoever to the Democratic nominee being the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks.

We’re living a new era of graciousness and civility.  The GOP brain trust could take a real tip from the rank and file supporters.