…and we’re just getting newsprint all over our hands. From today’s NY Post.

The Knicks did the right thing by reaching out to Phil Jackson, doing it on the up and up at the appropriate time as instructed. Now it’s up to him to do the right thing: Climb out of his Think Tank and make a command decision.

Sources say Jackson was spotted late yesterday huddled with biographer Charley Rosen rolling into an upstate vented mountain retreat. If we see the chimney emitting black smoke, that means nothing has been decided.

Stephen A. Smith tells me Jackson indeed is coming back next season. He’s just waiting for Dan Gilbert to pass him a note about which team to coach.

If it turns out players under 20 are prohibited from playing in the NBA, new owners should be required to spend at least two years in the National Basketball Developmental League until they have a grasp on how to run a team.

Following his 1-for-16 misadventure in Game 1 against the Sonics, Mike Bibby, desperate to figure out his shooting problem, drove to the nearest Wendy’s to see if its employees could put their finger on it.