From the Associated Press :

Slugger Albert Pujols and wrestler Kurt Angle took turns slugging balls in the Cardinals batting cages while Pujols took part in spring training.

Angle was present as part of Team Eckstein, named after World Series MVP David Eckstein. Eckstein is a lifelong wrestling fan and played the role of manager for a professional wrestling match in Orlando earlier this month.

Angle took Pujols’ batting pointers to heart.

“By the time he retires, he’ll be considered one of the best ever. It was an honor him telling me what to do in there. It would be like me getting him in the ring,” Angle said.

“I really admire these guys because of their work ethic and the way they go all year long,” Angle said.

Bud Selig and George Mitchell might be interested to know that last August, Angle was granted his release from the WWE for unspecified “personal reasons”. Such a move is analogous to the San Francisco Giants making Barry Bonds a free agent in the middle of the season.