Former Friar Jamel Thomas — cousin of Stephon Marbury and half brother of Sebastian Telfair, has a Starbury-bashing tell-all hitting bookstores later this month. The New York Daily News’ Mark Leinwalla writes “The Beautiful Struggle” includes charges Marbury sabotaged Thomas’ chances of being traded from Portland to Minnesota some 9 years ago.

“Stephon’s selfish – It’s just the way he is,” Thomas told The News. “He never put himself out there at all to help me. He left me out to dry. Too many false promises. I still love him, but he’s selfish.”

Thomas writes in the book that while with the Trail Blazers in the 1999-2000 season, Garnett took him aside following a playoff game against the Timberwolves and told him that he and Marbury lobbied to get him signed with Minnesota in the 1998-99 season, but that Marbury’s antics with the team kept him from a potential contract.

“I could’ve got you here, but the way Steph demanded everything, like the same money I got that they didn’t have for him, and then by forcing a trade, this organization didn’t want no part of you,” Thomas writes of Garnett’s comments to him. “I could’ve pulled some strings for you, but your cousin is a (——)-up dude.”

Thomas’ publisher, Xlbris, appears to be a modern vanity press, but if that kind of approach worked for Jandek and David Peel, there’s no reason to believe “A Beautiful Struggle” won’t someday be considered a collector’s item, at the very least.

(True Hoop‘s Henry Abbott, no doubt stunned by the amazing charges against Marbury, helpfully links to a DIY video Thomas made earlier this year for his autobiography. To paraphrase that great record executive, Mo Fuzz, I like it, but it lacks production value.)