Says John Paul Jones, “have to say I’m glad she’s no longer connected to the Mets.” And I suspect it might a matter of time before the Orioles, if not the NRA, are wishing the same. From the NY Daily News’ Lloyd Grove.

Barely a week after the Mets traded pitcher Kris Benson to the Baltimore Orioles, his spitfire wife, Anna, is trading brickbats with the locals.
Her latest adversary is gun-control advocate James Brady, who lives just outside Washington, a short drive from Baltimore. The 65-year-old Brady was paralyzed – and nearly killed – by John Hinckley’s bullet during the 1981 assassination attempt on Brady’s then-boss, President Ronald Reagan.

“I am afraid of gun-control lobbyists,” the 29-year-old Benson writes on her Web site,, where she calls herself a “pistol-packing mama,” reveals that weapons are placed “strategically” all over her house and urges everyone to obtain a firearm.

“I think that it is ridiculous that I am not allowed to protect myself in my private NY apartment because people like Jim Brady want to remove potential crime guns from the market,” Benson adds.

Yesterday Brady told me: “Anna Benson sounds like an idiot. I’m honored to not have her on my team. … She scares me. She’s a head case.” But Brady added: “I might be willing to have lunch with her if she doesn’t bring her piece.”