Troubled by a MMQB report that claimed Jets assistants were less than blown away by Michael Vick’s (unsuccessful) preseason approach to unseating Geno Smith as Gang Green’s starting QB, Vick spoke out to the media last night after a 35-24 exhibition defeat to the Giants, perhaps adding validity to the claims when adding, “I knew the entire time that Geno was going to be the starter.” From the New York Post’s Brian Costello :

“Me and my coaches, we have great conversations, we have open dialogue, and that was far from the case. So whoever wrote that story, it was on the side of being very fictitious, and you have to come up with better stories than that. There are better things to talk about.”

Vick seemed puzzled why anyone would question his attitude.

“I mean, what did it look like to you all?” he asked reporters. “I did what I had to do.”

I’ll give Vick this much credit. No matter how underwhelming his performances in practice or preseason games might’ve been, he still showed 100% more effort than he put into those horrible Cure Auto Insurance commercials.