In defense of Jason Kendall (who was hit by pitches some 4 thousand times last year, helping his on base percentage immeasurably) what sort of man would tolerate fighting words about his elbow pad?

From the Sacramento Bee’s Paul Gutierrez.

“(Lackey) came off the mound a couple steps very aggressively and very loudly said, ‘Stick that thing out there,’ ” crew chief Dale Scott told a pool reporter of Lackey, who was referring to Kendall’s left elbow pad. “Kendall took exception to it and yelled something, I didn’t hear what he yelled, and then he was gone.”

“I can’t (repeat) the words, but I’m not going to let him talk to me that way,” Kendall said, adding that curse words were involved. “I’m not trying to be a tough guy or anything like that.”

“Lackey said something (to Kendall) in Oakland before,” Eric Chavez said. “I guess he just caught Kendall in the wrong moment, which isn’t hard to do.”

Chavez chuckled.

“I like every single guy over there,” he added, talking about the Angels. “I’m sure it won’t be the end of it, that’s for sure.”