Hey, why not both? Acquired for the mere price of Mr. Anna Benson, Mets starter John Maine ran his record to 4-0 today, scattering 3 hits and striking out 8 over 7 IP in a 1-0 defeat of Washington. New York’s margin of victory was provided by a solo Carlos Beltran HR off luckless Nats starter Jason Bergmann.

Getting Paid To Watch’s
Bob Sikes, a Mets clubhouse fixture himself during the 1980’s in his role as assistant trainer, assures us “its not fair to assume members of the great Mets teams of the 80™s were involved” with alleged steroid supplier Kirk Radomski.

In 1985, Kirk would have been about 15 and wasn™t one of the kids who was around at spring training then, but I believe was later full-time as the decade progressed.

He was never a member of official staff at any level. He wasn™t a trainer, a strength coach or probably recognized as an equipment mannager. He probably was paid an hourly wage as an attendant and maybe some from Charlie Samuals out of his tips.

I cannot speak with any degree of certainty beyond the 1991 season as I was dismissed in October of that year after the season. What I am certain of sharing though is a few things. During my time there from 1985 through the end on the 1991 season Radomski had nothing at all to do with providing niether training nor care for any New York Mets player or assisted any member of the Mets medical staff in any manner of any real consequence.

On slightly more ‘fess-up tip, if you’re looking for confirmation The Drugs Don’t Work, look no further than the Flushing tenure of Brian McRae. Though he didn’t take any, of course. Turk Wendell told ESPN The Magazine, “On the Mets, you were definetly an outcast if you didn’t take amphetamines.” Or if your name was Gregg Jefferies.