In which the Bengals’ shy, retiring WR expresses a deep desire to bond with a heavy-set gentleman wearing a mask. From the Cincinnati Post’s Kevin Goheen :

Chad Johnson said on Wednesday that if he scores a touchdown against the Browns Sunday in Cleveland he plans on jumping into the Dawg Pound, a la the “Lambeau Leap” tradition in Green Bay. Johnson was talking to reporters about how much he enjoys playing in the atmosphere of Cleveland’s stadium when he decided upon this week’s would-be scoring celebration.

The only question would be whether or not Johnson makes it back to the field from enemy territory.

“If I don’t, maybe T.J. (Houshmandzadeh) better come get me or something. It’ll be fun, man. I love the Dawg Pound,” said Johnson. “I talked to a gentleman – I’m not sure what his name is – but he’s sat there every year since my rookie year. Before every game, I go up to him and talk to him. A heavy-set guy who wears a mask. I talk to him all the time every year. I told him I’m going to jump in there. So I don’t know. If I see him again, I’m going to let him know: I’m going to jump in here.

“If y’all beat up on me, don’t hit me too hard.”