While Dale Murphy’s sons continue their campaign against stat-geekery on behalf of their father’s Hall Of Fame candidacy, the 2-time NL MVP took to Reddit’s AMA earlier today. Suffice to say some questions (and answers) were more memorable than others (and yes, I’m including the shoutouts to Daft Punk and The War On Drugs)

Hi Mr. Murphy,
I believe you deserve a nomination into the HOF because of your resume. Others will argue over this stat or that stat. However, you were one of the greatest players of the 1980s and your homerun total for the decade atest to this. I will continue to be a supporter, though I don’t have a vote. You gave excitement to the Atlanta area, in a time when the Braves were a “nobody”.
As for a question, you were my dad’s favorite player. So, a few years ago I bought an autographed bat, that has displayed in the living room. To keep the signature from aging too much, he covers it in a sock. How do you feel about your name covered by a sock?
Thank you.
[–]DaleMurphy3[S] 155 points 10 hours ago
Thank you so much for your HOF support and for your kind words. As for the bat, I’ve heard of a lot of ways of preserving autographs, but that’s definitely a first for me. But actually, I’ve had a few people ask me to re-sign old autographs that have faded over the years due to UV exposure. So the sock might not be a bad idea. Is the sock clean at least?
[–]naaahhman 60 points 10 hours ago
It’s clean, it’s new and gets changed out from time-to-time. It covers almost the whole barrel, because dad wears a size 14EEE shoe.