The Maryland Jockey Club calls Kegasus,  “Lord of the Preakness InfieldFest and centerpiece of its’ 2012 advertising campaign.”.  The Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Cowherd, however, prefers to liken Kegasus to “Edward in the ‘Twilight’ series, only with a beer gut and biker hair and a much lower IQ.” So what’s not to like? Perhaps the addition of an equally retarded entertaining accomplice?

Here’s what race officials said of Kegasus’s new pal in today’s news release:

“Apparently every great Centaur needs a sidekick, and this year Kegasus has equipped himself with UniCarl. UniCarl is part human, part unicorn, part personal assistant and part personal trainer.”

Hoo, boy. As for the back-story, the MJC has that covered as well:

 “UniCarl and Kegasus met at the Genius Bar in the Towson Town Center’s Mac store in May 2011 and have been traveling the world together ever since.”