I was getting all set to say something nice about K.V.H., ie. “he’s like the NBA’s Peter Crouch, only with much less talent”, and then he has to drop this on his old fans. From the Fort Worth Star Telegram’s Tracey Myers.

(from Joe Nets Fan.com)

Keith Van Horn is making his second Finals appearance in five years after he and the New Jersey Nets were swept 4-0 by the Lakers in 2002.

So, what’s the biggest difference between this Mavs team and that Nets team?

“The fan support has been great,” Van Horn said. “Last time, when we won the Eastern Conference, there wasn’t anyone there when the plane landed or anything like that.

“This time, to fly in and have all those fans there — it’s really been an unbelievable feeling to see a city so enthusiastic about what we’re doing.”

Imagine how many people would be meeting the Mavs at the airport if Mark Cuban had been telling them for years that the franchise was leaving town as soon as possible? More to the point, persons living around the beautiful East Rutherford, NJ area have all kinds of terrific things competing for their leisure time. Like for instance, Vince Carter’s beloved Candlewyck Diner. I know Dallas fancies itself to be ultra-cosmopolitan, what with those Deep Elm clubs, getting to watch Bill Parcells age before your eyes and such, but there’s no Candlewyck Diner in Dallas. So fuck you, Keith Van Horn.