Though he takes great pains to stress he’s not advocating making Jay Cutler the Broncos’  starting QB, the Denver Post’s Mark Kizla argues that Jake Plummer “can never beat the inevitability of losing his job.”

Plummer was at his happy-feet, lazy-arm, scatter-brained worst in St. Louis, as if he forgot all the lessons self-discipline taught him a year ago, when the snake in Jake was exterminated and the only thing wild about him was his hair. The formula for the way the NFL quantifies a quarterback’s efficiency is a bigger secret than that white-haired Kentucky colonel’s recipe for chicken. But you do not have to be a math genius to understand when Plummer produces a QB rating (26.3) lower than his team’s punting average (42.5), Denver is going nowhere on offense.

After the Broncos fell in love with a younger quarterback, Plummer never once freaked out. Not once. Until now. He buzzed his locks. Plummer left work Sunday dressed more like Tony Blair than Tony Hawk.

Until Cutler is named the starter, whenever something goes wrong for the Broncos, he will be a locker room and statewide distraction rather than the people’s choice as solution.

No disrespect or discredit to Plummer, but there is no argument which quarterback on the Denver roster possesses the most talent.