The charming headline above comes courtesy of David Roth, who asks

What’s thousands of words long, contains a debate about whether ‘Vitalogy’ is “almost irrefutably the best Pearl Jam album,” and has an exchange in which one of the two interlocutors says of sports fan-ship’s “unconditional” following of one team, “That kind of thinking has been the source of almost every significant problem in the entire world, except for maybe the hurricanes?” That, sir, would be a redux of what seemed (from your recent link-back to an old post) to be your least favorite series of arguments, ever: the great Klosterman-Sports Guy debate of 2004. It is happening…again.

I think Simmons has been spinning his wheels for years now, but I’m a little softer on him than you are, mostly because I really did enjoy his stuff at one point in time. But what is contained in the link above is excruciating — and it’s only part one of a debate that promises to include Jon Cryer, Audioslave and possibly something about TV poker. That said, I read all of it. If you’re also in a scab-picking way, go to it. You have been warned.

Sorry David, I was too busy composing 3000 words on the question of who is the finest percussionist / multi-instrumentalist of all time, Bobby Blotzer or Sticks Downey from “Happy Days”. Did you say something? I’d stick to sports, but the party invites aren’t coming in fast enough.

(Blotzer. In happier days!)