Warriors 86, Knicks 84

On an evening in which Jamal Crawford and Stephon Marbury performed competently, the tandem of Eddy Curry (above) and Channing Frye provided some strength at center and overall, the Knicks showed a rare bit of tenacity on defense…New York still proved themselves to be utterly hopeless during the final moments of a close game.

I can’t groan too much about Crawford taking the ball to the hole in the final seconds — the possibility of drawing a foul seemed high enough, were it not for Baron Davis stripping the ball. And Davis’ 12 assists did plenty to kill the Knicks when he clearly didn’t have his touch from the field.

Other than being startled to see that Penny Hardaway is still alive, I don’t want to fall prey crazy exaggeration. I realize the Knicks don’t really have 6 guards who can’t run the offense, but it often feels that way. Much has been written about Larry Brown’s early attempts to establish a rotation and figure out who is capable of what, but would it be unfair to suggest that the preseason should’ve provided such an opportunity?

For an old guy with serious health issues, Brown made a hell of a move for the tunnel once the buzzer went off. I’m pretty sure Larry could take Jerome James in a 100 yard dash, though such a contest would be far too risky. For James, that is.