When Bill Self claimed in the wake of Kansas’ 75-68 win over Memphis that if the two teams were to play 10 times, they’d probably split the series, he might’ve been right on the money. However, on this occasion, Memphis’ struggles from the charity stripe cost them the National Championship. The Tigers failed to sink 4 of their last 5 foul shots in regulation, while Kansas topped off a ferocious comeback with a Mario Chalmers three-pointer to force O.T. — a shot that will be replayed to death over the next 30 years and with good reason. Chalmers connected in spite of Derrick Rose doing everything short of putting a blindfold on the Jayhawks guard.

I don’t know if John Calipari is headed to the Knicks or not —- but I know I’d more impressed if he was bringing Rose with him. As for rumors Self might be wooed to his alma mater, it would be useful to keep in mind some of these zillionaires are difficult to work for.