(Clearly, they’ll let anybody in the Cell and they still can’t sell out the place)

Indians 1 White Sox 5

In a do-or-die bid, Mark Buehrle did.  He smothered the Tribe for the Sox’ first win in six games to try and force a tiebreaker with the Twins.  Tomorrow the Pale Hose must face the Tigers at home to make up a Sept. 14th rainout.  A Sox victory over the Tigers will put them in a tie for the AL Central with the Twins and force a one-game playoff on Tuesday, also at home.   As of this writing, the Tigers may start former South Sider Freddy Garcia, which would force the Sox to light up the winning pitcher of their own 2005 World Series Game 4. There could be worse prospects given that Garcia was shelled by KC last week in his second start since shoulder surgery in 2007.

During today’s final trip to the Cell for the season, I couldn’t help but be floored by the 39 years of consummate professionalism provided by Sox organist Nancy Faust. Take the following quiz for a trip into the musical mind of a national treasure.

Match the Cleveland Indian with the Nancy Faust musical tag.  Answers are below.

No. At-Bat Ltr Nancy Plays
1 Ben Francisco A John Barry "The Magnificent Seven"
2 Travis Hafner B Frank DeVol "The Brady Bunch Theme"
3 Kelly Shoppach C Kinks "You Really Got Me"
4 Jamey Carroll D Smokey Robinson "Shop Around"
5 Kelly Shoppach E Quincy Jones "Sanford & Son" Theme
6 Grady Sizemore F Shelly Fabares "Johnny Angel"
7 Pickoff of Guitterrez G Menard's Jingle
8 Jhonny Peralta H Ray Anthony "Bunny Hop"
9 Kelly Shoppach I Todd Rundgren "Bang On The Drum"
10 Jamey Carroll J Adams/Strouse "All In The Family" Theme
11 Asdrubal Cabrera K Cory/Cross "I Left My Heart In SF"
12 Travis Hafner L J. Geils "Centerfold"
13 Kelly Shoppach M "Cabaret" (musical)

ANSWERS: 1K 2L 3D 4A 5G 6E,B 7C 8F 9D 10J 11M 12H 13I*

* There should be some kind of award handed out for Ms. Fausts’ incredible stretch in this one for the Cleveland catcher tying in the 1973 Robert DeNiro star turn in Bang The Drum Slowly, the story of a troubled backstop not named Jeff Torborg.