Auction house, perhaps inspired by the recent publication of a nude Mickey Mantle locker room pic, is offering a photograph of a naked Joe DiMaggio.  A lawyer for the Yankee Clipper’s estate, Morris Engelberg, tells the New York Daily News that the man in the above photograph (well, the one on the right, anyway), can’t possibly be the late Hall Of Famer.

“I could never imagine Joe DiMaggio, this private individual, ever letting anyone take a photo of him in the nude with someone next to him,” says Engelberg, who has guarded the Yankee Clipper’s legacy for more than 60 years.

“When Joe DiMaggio went to the bathroom in a restaurant, I always had to escort him,” Engelberg adds. “And I made sure no one took a picture of him at the urinal.”

The website assures potential buyers that the photo is “100% authentic, first generation and vintage.”

“When you see a picture of Joe DiMaggio you know it’s Joe DiMaggio,” Lelands CEO Josh Evans tells us.