From Marc Berman in today’s NY Post :

It has been simmering inside him for a couple of months now, and Lenny Wilkens finally let Phil Jackson have it.

In October, The Post quoted Jackson saying he would listen to the Knicks if they approached him to coach. A published report yesterday regurgitated The Post’s story, with Jackson again saying he could be interested in the Knick job this summer.

Knicks president Isiah Thomas reacted to The Post’s story two months ago, calling Jackson “an attractive candidate.”

Asked yesterday about Jackson, Wilkens spat, “I couldn’t care less what’s in the paper about Phil Jackson. Really. That’s his thing. I don’t worry about stuff like that.”

When asked if it were against coaching etiquette to address a position that is not vacant, Wilkens said, “Most coaches don’t.”

Shaquille O’Nel, as quoted today by the LA Daily News’ Ross Siler.

O’Neal was asked if there was anything he wanted to say to Bryant and responded, “No.’ He was asked if he saw Bryant’s apology and answered, “I don’t watch TV. TV corrupts the mind.”

Yes, especially if Cinemax is showing “Steel” at 3am.