Newsday’s Laura Rivera reports that WBLI’s Randy is unlikely to get any sort of prize from the Mastic, NY Chamber Of Commerce.

On Wednesday, Randy (above), a co-host on “BLI in the Morning” on WBLI, asked a caller from Mastic: “Did your pipes freeze under the trailer, or do you have that stuff down there to keep them warm?”

The caller, who was entering a contest, said she lived in a house and was “very angry” with him, to which Randy replied: “Just think, if you win this game, the whole trailer park will be excited.”

Station managers asked Randy to apologize on Thursday’s show, but he never did, co-host Dana DiDonato said.

“At this point, a hollow apology and a mere suspension will not be appropriate,” said William Floyd School District Board President Bob Vecchio, who called for Randy to be fired and for area residents to boycott the station and its advertisers. “You can’t get a free pass when you attack an entire community.”

Not to take issue with Pres. Vecchio, but this isn’t even close to the most offensive thing Randy’s done.