(were Brian Westbrook not donning a mouthguard, you could hear him ask “can we play you every week?”)

Though I’m tempted to claim the concession on the “Calvin Johnson’s Back Injury Has Ruined The Rookie Of The Year Race As We Know It” tee’s, ’tis somewhat hard not to be in awe of Philly’s offensive explosion today. First person to suggest the Detroit secondary had to do just a little bit less to be so throughly abused by Kevin Curtis is banned from the CSTB comments section for the next 30 minutes.

There’s been a fair bit of channel surfing at Chez I Hate Everybody today, and as much as I wish I could’ve enjoyed Brett Favre’s turn-back-the-clock routine against the Chargers, it was really hard to concentrate above the sound of Marty Schottenheimer giggling.

It looks as though there’s someting approaching a quarterback controversy in Phoenix. A controversy other than, “why did the backup QB marry his mother?”

Of Randy Moss’ 2 TD, 5 catch, 115 yard performance today, the Hooded Casanova said “There™s a lot of things he can still work on.” Indeed, you’ll note Moss does absolutely nothing when New England’s opposition has the ball.

Never let it be said that Lane Kiffin isn’t a fast learner. A week after his kicker was psyched out by what Signal To Noise called Mike Shanahan’s “absolute douchebaggery”, Kiffin pulled a similar stunt to cost Phil Dawson and Cleveland a last-second win at Oakland.