The above headline partial supplied by Sam Frank who says of the Golden League’s most gimmicktastic franchise, “no more Canseco, but they’ve ‘roided something else up” while forwarding a press release from last May 28.

The Long Beach Armada professional baseball team announced today that it has changed its official name. The new name will be the Long Beach Armada of Los Angeles of California of the United States of North America Including Barrow, Alaska. The name will be the longest of any professional sports team in the world. The Armada have partnered with Barrow, Alaska to form the northernmost sister city franchise in professional baseball. “In order to better reach the larger Armada Nation, we felt compelled to lengthen the name to incorporate all our fans stretching from the warm beaches of Los Angeles to the frigid beaches of the artic circle,” Golden Baseball League CEO Dave Kaval stated. “Our inspiration was Arte Moreno’s brilliant marketing gambit of positioning the Anaheim Angeles as an LA team. Being a real Los Angeles county team, we too wanted to extend our reach as far north as possible.”

The team will carry an abbreviation of LBALACUSNAIBA. To honor the last two letters of their abbreviation, The Armada will host “Barrow Alaska Day at Blair Field” on Saturday July 30th. The game will be dedicated to the Armada fans in Barrow, Alaska. Armada fans in Barrow, Alaska can tune in to KBRW am/fm for more information on Armada baseball.

“We are proud of our position as the City of Long Beach, California’s only professional team,” said Team Manager and ex-MLB All Star Darrell Evans who hit 414 career home runs in the big leagues. “Instead of burying our home town at the back of our long name, we are proud to lead off with Long Beach at the top of the order. Just like in baseball, when you lead off with your best hitter.”