From the Associated Press :

Citing his strained relationship with Barry Bonds in San Francisco, Jeff Kent said the tense atmosphere in the Los Angeles Dodgers clubhouse last season shouldn™t be used as a reason for the team™s 71-91 finish.

œThat™s not an excuse. Me and Barry fought all the time and we went to the World Series, Kent said Tuesday. œJust because we can™t all always get along doesn™t mean we shouldn™t win. It still shouldn™t have affected the way we played.

Is there a law preventing someone from pointing out the obvious where the ’05 Dodgers are concerned?

Cesar Izturis – 106 games played
Milton Bradley – 75 games played
JD Drew – 72 games played
Eric Gagne – 14 appearences

Drew, you had to figure was gonna down go sooner rather than later. But if the other 3 played a full season, LA would’ve been right in the mix in baseball’s weakest division. If you’d prefer to harp on the squabbling and/or the former GM blowing up the heart-and-soul of the team, don’t forget Kent’s shameful treatment of Hee-Seop Choi — chewing the first baseman out on national TV somehow didn’t turn LA into a contender.

There’s a news item on claiming the Dodgers have extended Vin Scully through 2008. And that’s true, Scully is now 20 feet tall.