The New York Post business section today suggested the financial fortunes of publicly traded EA Sports are largely dependent on the company reversing a recent negative sales trend with the new “Madden ’09” multi-platform title.

“Madden ’09” will be available at midnight tonight, and if the queue (above) at a downtown Manhattan video game boutique is anything to go by….EA is well and truly fucked.

Tony Kornheiser — perhaps the only person more disliked in the Theismann household than Lawrence Taylor or Cathy Lee Crosby — wasted what could be his best line of the 2008 NFL season on a stinking preseason game.

Earlier tonight, noting the tumultuous spring of Bengals WR Chad Johnson, Kornheiser opined, “(Chad) Johnson’s just like me. At first he was playful, then he turned narcissistic, and now everyone can’t stand him.” As a football commentator, Kornheiser is nothing if not self-aware.