Does reliever Francisco Rodriguez have a puncher’s chance of returning to the New York Mets?  They’re sorely in need of bullpen help.  He needs a job.  Anyone who’d tolerate his bullshit needs their head examined.  “I would love to [return to the Mets],”  Rodriguez told’s Christina DiNicola.  “They’ve got a great coaching staff over there.”  Indeed, and those old guys know K-Rod all too well.

“To come back and redeem myself would be great, because I’ve got to be realistic and honest. You would have to be real blind to not see that I fell when I was there. That’s not even a question. To be able to get one more shot and get it done would be great.”

“I think before I think about that, I just have to prove, ‘[Is] my body, healthy?'” Rodriguez said of whether he would be a closer again. “Do I want to be able to close again? No doubt in my mind. But I have to step back once again and throw the eighth inning again. It’s out of my mind. Just get my job done when it needs to be, and see what happens.”