(sex machine Sven flanked by OMD proteges Atomic Kitten)

The Guardian’s Marcus Christenson on a new Stockholm play that would seem to be based on the current England manager.

The hero of “A play in Swedish, Italian and English” is a Swedish manager known simply as Coach. Working in Italy, he is offered the England manager’s job and moves to London with his Italian lawyer girlfriend, Princess, only to have his life ruined by tabloid reports of affairs with, first, a weather girl and then a secretary at the Football Association.

The show, of course, bears more than a passing resemblance to the life of Sven-Goran Eriksson but no one in the cast or at the production company, Millon Fred’s Productions, has been keen to mention the England manager’s name – perhaps to avoid being sued.

Eriksson has not commented on the play but his assistant Tord Grip said this week that it sounded “interesting”, adding that the England manager might even travel to Stockholm to see it. “We don’t have a game then,” Grip pointed out wryly.