Here we go again. From the Boston Globe’s Chris Snow.

Gene Mato, one of Manny Ramirez’s representatives, communicated to Red Sox owner John W. Henry yesterday that Ramirez wants to be traded, and will not report to spring training if his wish to be dealt is not met, according to a team source.

Ramirez is a 10-5 player, meaning he has 10 years of major league service, five consecutive with the same team. That seniority entitles Ramirez to block a trade to any team he doesn’t wish to join. With that in mind, Mato told Henry that Ramirez might decide during the process of being shopped that he wishes to remain with the Sox.

How can these conditions not undermine Boston’s ability to get anything approaching fair value? If Ramirez has specified only two teams that he’ll accept a trade to — one without young talent to spare yet capable of absorbing the salary hit (Angels) and another with a surplus of quality younger players, yet unlikely to take on Manny’s full salary (Indians) — there’s no reason to think this will be resolved in the near future.