Falling a game behind the Yankees with 4 to play might seem like a reason to panic, but if Red Sox fans take nothing else away from their tumultuous 2005, there’s always the knowledge that Manny Ramirez never pissed inside the Green Monster.

From the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman.

Whizgate was a sham.

Back on July 18, the story went that Manny Ramirez was late popping out of the door of The Wall in left field after a break in the action because he had to urinate.

Ramirez said, or joked, that was the reason; manager Terry Francona repeated it. And the episode quickly was added to the growing backlog of “Manny being Manny” stories.

But now it can be told: Manny wasn’t taking a whiz.

Scoreboard operator Christian Elias said he was merely chatting.

“He just popped in, like he usually does,” Elias said, “and we started talking about this and that, the weather probably, and all of a sudden the phone started ringing and everything and we were like, `What?’ And then Manny said, `Oh, shoot,’ and ran back out there. There’s no bathroom back here, he didn’t go to the bathroom. We’ve kind of been puzzled about the whole thing, nobody ever asked us.”