Blazers forward Marcus Camby was tossed from last night’s 110-99 win at Washington for his 2nd quarter flagrant foul on the Wizards’ Kevin Seraphin (above). While the latter suggested, “maybe he tried to punk somebody,”, Camby was a little more detailed in his explanation (“I felt he had his forearm on my throat so I was just trying to get some space between me and him”). From SB Nation’s Michael Katz :

“I hate coming out of the ballgames and being forced to get ejected,” Camby said. “I felt embarrassed, me being the captain I wanted to be out there for my team in the second half.”

“I always said growing up I wish the NBA was like hockey, you know, and let two guys go out there and fight. It would eliminate a lot of the tough guys you think are tough guys in the NBA.”

I’ll say this much for Camby ; he’s so focused on his job, he’s unlikely to be distracted by a mountain of press that implies hockey fighting might lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy.