There’s 11 current members of the Marlins with prior All Star Game appearances, but Tuesday night’s AL vs. NL pathetic exhibition clash won’t feature a single Miami player.  Major League Baseball tapped Nationals rookie OF Bryce Harper to replace the Fish’s indisposed Giancarlo Stanton, an edict that met with the displeasure of Marlins team president David Samson.  Apparently, the league office isn’t nearly as easy to push around as Dade County. From the Palm Beach Post’s Joe Capozzi :

“There were a lot of different ways that Tony La Russa or MLB could have gone,” Samson said.  “I think it’s unfortunate. I think that every team should be presented on the line at the all star game.”

“I just think that all teams are supposed to be represented and if our guy had to have surgery, he had to have surgery. Obviously it has been a disappointing first half.

“That said, there are plenty of other teams that have had disappointing first halves and have plenty of all stars.

“If you look at the fact that this game counts and you need people to win games. Having (Greg) Dobbs as an All Star as a pinch hitter off the bench, having (reliever Steve) Cishek come in and get some righties out. Having Ruggiano coming who is completely clubbing the ball right now. I think he may have as much service time as the guy they named to replace Stanton this year, although I don’t know actually.

“For me it would have been natural to have Ruggiano in who has absolutely played as well as anyone since he was called up. Obviously MLB or Tony or whoever makes the decision has their own view of it and it’s certainly disappointing.”

Samson said he spoke with Tim Brosnan, an MLB vice president.

Asked about the explanation give to him, Samson said: “Can’t say that I had one.”