(above, Lewis in his most recent Academy Award-winning role)

The great thing about walking around Lower Manhattan is you never know what world famous celebrities you’ll encounter. Phillip Glass eating pierogis. Vincent Gallo eating pierogis. Eugene Mirman eating pierogis. Sometimes, however, you’ll see some of the arts & entertainment world’s biggest names doing something other than eating pierogis. For instance, quickly hustling their small children past the former site of W. 4th Street’s Tower Recor , in the hopes they’ll not be asked that question that every parent hopes they’ll never hear ; “Daddy, what’s a ‘Fan Cave’?’ From the Palm Beach Post’s Joe Capozzi :

Marlins 2B Derek Dietrich said he had just finished up with an appearance at the MLB Fan Cave and was headed to the subway when his agent, David Meter, nudged him: “Hey, D, that’s Daniel-Day Lewis on the corner.”

As Dietrich recalled this morning, “We look and he’s talking to a young kid, who was his son. We stood there and we waited. He handed his son some money. His son went one way, he went the other. He started walking towards us.

“My agent goes, ‘Hey, Daniel.’ He looked and says, ‘I’m trying to fly under the radar. You caught me.’

Meter introduced Dietrich to Lewis and explained, “We’re in town playing the Mets. He’s a Marlins player.”
“(Lewis) said he enjoyed baseball. He asked me how my journey to the big leagues was. ‘Is this your first year?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘How did you get here.’ I told him Georgia Tech and I started with the Rays and then I got traded and now I’m here. He enjoyed that.”