As the 2012-13 NBA regular season approaches, who better to quiz about the New York Knicks’ propsects than the team’s former broadcaster, and one pushed out by James Dolan for not parroting the company line?  TNT’s Marv Albert spoke with the New York Post’s Justin Terranova, and forecast an NBA title in Carmelo Anthony’s future, albeit in another team’s uniform.

“The biggest question for the Knicks is whether Amar’e (Stoudemire) and Carmelo (Anthony) can play effectively,” Albert said. “It hasn’t happened to this point. I don’t know it if can. Are they better with Amar’e coming off the bench? Will he accept that?

“With Carmelo, who is a great talent, but you wonder — you can get into the playoffs with him — but how far can you go with Carmelo? We saw that in Denver. With the isolation and him being the main scorer, you look back at NBA history teams with guys like him don’t usually win championships.”

“I look at Carmelo as someone who will have his greatest success on his next team as someone who comes off the bench as an instant offense guy. And is not on the floor for 38-40 minutes, similar to what Bob McAdoo did with his days after the Knicks (was sixth man for Lakers title teams in 1982, 1985).”