(a possible challenger to Pete Carroll’s authority)

“There’s one person who was so righteous & pretty much walked into Heaven. Don’t think my plans are anything less than that :)” So tweeted former San Diego State RB Adam Muema just prior to going AWOL from the ongoing NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Muema, who apparently spent 3 days camping in a Fort Lauderdale airport, claims he was acting on the instructions of God, who apparently already knows he’s being drafted by Seattle. From the LA Times’ Nathan Fenno :

In previous social media posts, Muema frequently ascribes special meaning to numbers. That includes a Facebook picture of a personalized No. 8 Seahawks jersey and listing himself as “Seahawks#8) on his Twitter biography. No Seahawks player wears the number.

“If I would of performed that day I would of missed that meaningful #8. Glory be to God. Keep calling them coincidences if you want to,” Muema wrote.

In the new social media posts, Muema also restated his belief in a figure named Lord Rayel, who claims to be the second coming of Christ. Before the combine, Muema posted three YouTube videos about Lord Rayel on his Facebook page.

Muema also recommended the “Son of God” movie and posted a picture of a devotional book.

“Many ppl believe I won’t play football,” he wrote in his last tweet, “why wouldn’t God want me to reach out to the millions through that lovely sport I deeply enough # Blessed.”