Though praised for their “excellent work” by the Houston Chronicle’s David Barron, the truth is, no one polarizes baseball fans quite like Fox’s duo of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Either you wish someone would put a plastic bag over Buck’s face….or you’d like to see the same done to both of them.

Both were quick to declare that pitcher Kenny Rogers of the Rangers should spend the All-Star break anywhere but Detroit.

“I think he should have been elected to the team, and I don’t think he should pitch in the game,” McCarver said. “I think it would embarrass Kenny. I think it would embarrass baseball, and I don’t think Kenny will make the decision to show up Tuesday night or Monday, as importantly, for the press conference he almost has to attend.”

Buck added, “You try to find highlights for guys … and here’s Kenny Rogers. What highlight do you think we’re going to run? You’re almost bound to tell the story and back it up with video, and it would seem, at least to me, to be a shame to have to run that embarrassing video.

“I’m not going to be Dr. Phil and try to figure it out from a distance, but take a timeout and just collect things and take the suspension and move on.”