“The Dodgers are much bigger than Manny Ramirez or any one player” insisted L.A. owner Frank McCourt (above, middle) to the LA Times’ Dylan Hernandez today, and that should come as considerable consolation after the club dropped their 3rd game in 4 since the announcement of their embattled left-fielder’s 50 game suspension. Hey, I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks there’s a considerable silver lining for the Dodgers amidst this mess. To wit, they’ve probably got enough firepower to hang around in the NL West until a newly motivated Manny returns, and the $7 million or so saved on Ramirez’ salary oughta be enough to pursue a quality starter at the trading deadline. Enough that is, presuming the Parking Lot Guy isn’t happy to pocket the savings.

McCourt said that he received a phone call from Ramirez on Saturday and met with him in person later in the day. McCourt wouldn’t disclose the location of their meeting, but a source familiar with the situation said that it took place at Ramirez’s Pasadena apartment.

“I found him to be very sorrowful,” McCourt said. “He was very apologetic.”

McCourt said he didn’t ask Ramirez why he took the substance that led to his positive test and said he didn’t care to find out whether he did so for medical purposes, as he claimed, or to enhance his performance.

McCourt said he didn’t have an opinion on whether Ramirez was telling the truth when he released a statement through the players’ union stating that he took a banned substance given to him by a doctor for a personal medical issue.

“What I know are the test results,” McCourt said.

“I’d be lying to say I wasn’t a little angry at first,” McCourt said, adding that his anger turned into “disappointment” over time.