I got all excited when I read the below missive from WFMU’s Brian Turner, as I thought it had something to do with Mentos. No such luck, however.

From the Shoutfactory.com label update. Obviously, I’m just setting you up to post a picture of Sickie Wifebeater or El Duce on the blog.

Ahem. Why would I want to do that?

Shout! Factory just recently became involved with a terrific program sponsored by A PLACE CALLED HOME. Participants are paired with Los Angeles high school kids who we now fondly refer to as our beloved “mentees.”

Once a month, the kids come to our office for group activities and, in between those visits, we take them to baseball games, wrestling matches or whatever else mutually strikes the mentor/mentees’ fancies. We’re just thrilled to get the chance to get to know and work with them.

I’m sorry, but the whole thing sounds a little too Neverland Ranch. But just to show I’m open-minded, if there are any students interested in coming over to CSTB headquarters and participating in group activities like mowing the lawn, fixing the gutters or washing my cars, by all means, get in touch. I won’t be here myself (I might be attending a baseball game. Or a wrestling match), but typewritten instructions will be taped to the front door.