As long as Endy’s rehab isn’t being supervised by the guys who spent nearly three years fucking around with Jose Reyes’ legs, I’m ok with the following bit of bad news from the Newark Star-Ledger’s Jeremey Cothran :

According to a Mets official, Endy Chavez hurt his right hamstring and ankle in a play at the plate during a winter-league game in his native Venezuela on Dec. 10. Neither injury is considered serious nor will they preclude Chavez from normal baseball activity once spring training starts next month in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

The team Chavez played for, Magallanes, did not make the winter-league playoffs so Chavez will spend the rest of the off-season in Venezuela rehabbing the injury, said the official. In six winter-league games, Chavez was hitting .476 (10-for-21) with two RBI.

Once again, the very patriotic Wilpon family is loathe to admit that Endy is really on a secret CIA mission to determine just what influence, if any, the Venezuelan government tried to wield on Argentina’s presidential election.

It would appear as though the Yankees have pulled their most recent offer to Minnesota for Johan Santana off the table. Until we learn Hank Steinbrenner has erased his own line in the sand, anyway.

Congrats to the Milwaukee Brewers on acquiring slick-fielding CF Mike Cameron. I just hope for Ned Yost’s sake they’ve got the right guy.