The New York Daily News’ Adam Rubin on the Mets’ continued efforts to deal 2B Kaz Matsui :

Trading Kaz Matsui (above) remains an uphill battle, with the Mets’ best chance possibly Tampa Bay. But the Devil Rays will have to trade Julio Lugo first, so Tampa Bay getting cut out of the Boston-Atlanta deal that made Edgar Renteria a Brave didn’t help. Insiders say the Mets start negotiations by expressing a willingness to pick up half of the $8 million owed to Matsui in 2006.

With Valentin as a hedge at second (his salary bumps by as much as $500,000 if he gets between 300 and 500 plate appearances), the Mets may be resigned to keeping Matsui.

There’s been a small amount of yack radio chatter overnight about reliever Roberto Hernandez — whom the Mets neglected to offer salary arbitration — ending up with the Yankees. In addition to the Bombers’ signing of former Red Sox reliver Mike Myers, the Daily News’ Sam Borden reports the Yankees are speaking with Nomar Garciaparra about a utility role.

The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand writes that Marlins voice Jon Sciambi has rebuffed the Mets’ overture and instead, the club will tap Jersey City native Tom McCarthy (above) as their new play-by-play announcer on WFAN.

Orioles SS Miguel Tejada has said he wants out of Baltimore, claming “the Orioles have not made any signings to strengthen the club.” I suppose he was underwhelmed by the trade for LaTroy Hawkins, if not the free agent signing of Ramon Hernandez. Though it doesn’t seem to me like this is anything a round of B12 shots couldn’t fix, Tejada is clearly not looking forward to finishing 4th next year. Though it is hard to imagine the Orioles trading a player of Tejada’s caliber within their division, Boston would certainly be interested (and Manny Ramirez could turn out to be Peter Angelos’ most glittering acquisition since Albert Belle).