Though saving his best line for Terry Bradshaw (“I understand he’s battled depression for years, but when it comes to psychology, Bradshaw has experience as a patient, not as a professional”), Media Blitz’ John Molori suffered through “Fox NFL Sunday” and can’t resist poking holes in the program’s analysis of Donovan McNabb’s recent remarks about black quarterbacks.

In response to McNabb™s comments, Barry Switzer stated, œI thought that we were long past this but I look at it this way. I played a black quarterback in 1972, before Donovan was ever born.”

œHe thinks that maybe he™s being criticized with what he™s going through today. It didn™t compare to what my guys had to go through.

Exactly who is the œwe that Switzer is referring to when he says that we are long past this? How does he even begin to know what it feels like to be an African-American quarterback? Maybe he has some tertiary knowledge based on players he has coached, but he has never coached McNabb.

Moreover, Switzer™s comments make it sound as if McNabb is being disrespectful to those who came before him. On the contrary, McNabb is a part and a product of past struggles, and there is a real difference in the histories of white and African-American quarterbacks.

I take McNabb at his word for one simple reason. He is an African-American quarterback and I am not. As for Bradshaw and Switzer, their ignorant analysis and opinions served not to refute McNabb™s points, but rather to give them even more credence.